Get Your Act Together Day 10 (Transcript)

Day 10. So today we’re going to map out our music. This idea was inspired by MCP back in 2008. Mike wrote it out somewhere on Home Of Poi. This is used by a lot of dancers and choreographers everywhere. What we’re going to do is we’re going to get a piece of paper and a pen and we’re going to map it out. Now, I’m going to play it on this phone and i’m so sorry, it’s probably going to sound terrible but you will get a better idea. I’m using the mix from TheXX Crystallized. Okay, so what we have to do is we have to look at the time code. And it’s like there’s this little ohhhh and then a ding ding ding ding ding ding ding so that’s the guitar right so right from the 00:00 you get a little bit of plucky guitar and how long does that last?

So you get a little bit of the base coming in around 00:18. and so we’re just gonna write down plucky guitars. Okay, from the beginning you see what I mean. Okay, so you write down the time code and then you say plucky guitar and then when something else is introduced we start a new time code and we add whatever instrument or whatever sounds come from that. And you can write it in any way “it’s like oh they do the do do do here” and like anything that you want as long as you can read it. Nobody else is going to be judging what you translate the music into. So, what we have here at 00:18 is where there’s a hook.

it seems like that’s probably for 16 beats

okay and at 00:33 seconds he starts speaking so we’re going to write to 00:33 that’s the guitar.

And there that’s double guitar times two and then we’re going to add the vocals 33 is a new line and let’s see what happens.

okay okay so 00:49 seconds there and then the girl comes in 00:49

to when i’m not sure, but that’s a male voice male vocals. Female vocals start at 00:49. And you just go through the song like this. You get a little guitar and the female vocals

I love her voice.

And then they both sing together at 01:04. the more you do this mapping out of music the more you’ll find that music actually seems to repeat itself. I find that a lot of music really gets deep at 01:04 or something like that so this is where the chorus comes in at 1:04.

There’s like a build [up] here. Build up and that build up is going to be really important, because I want to use that buildup right? And then the breakdown. Bing. Okay so that’s when all the guitar and all of the musical accompaniment come in at 01:23. Okay. and so I’m going to use that build up later in my piece. That music is going to inform me and I can either choose to use it, or go against it. And so this mapping out will eventually kind of lead me into understanding what the builds and the and the the journey of the music is. So with crystallize this is where we’re at so far. I’ll keep going and hopefully at the end of this we’ll have a map. I’m gonna upload some of my old acts (Maps) up to the Patreon account and maybe you can see sort of a little bit more about what I mean there otherwise I hope this mapping helps you understand your music.