Get Your Act Together Challenge : Day 6 (Transcript)

Day six. So, we’re going to combine everything that Thom has already put together, right? We have our ball or our choice of prop we have our space and how we’re going to use it and we have our sequences so today I want to create two to four different sequences based on what we’ve already talked about.

So, using the space around you I want you to think about those sequences in a new way by trying new habits right while also considering the space. So there I used down. You can also use up, you can use forward, you can use back. All of those things so trying to combine your sequence and your space so that you can start to move around the room, and using that space. Also, what this prop is will determine how you start to use this space. Is it my magical object that’s precious to me that i never want to let go of? Is it something familiar that i’ve danced with a million times? What kind of thing is this and how is it relating to this movement that we just created? When I was here, and here, and over here and over here? What are we going to do in those regards ?

So finding five new ways to build your sequence from those stopping points as tom described while also using the space with that prop. I hope that’s exciting for you today let’s see how it goes you!