Get Your Act Together Challenge : Day 7 (Transcript)

Day Seven. How exciting. Today we want to ask you to maybe film something, and I want to give you a little technique on how to make things a little funky. So Mellors and I used to play this game where it’s like playing horse with your camera. So instead of having another person who would share this game you would do it with yourself, and it would create an interesting way to film. Let me tell you. So, if you do a move and then you stop, the game of horse is about finding a totally new way to go in and out of that and then stopping somewhere. That stopping point we’ve been playing with so when Mellors and I used to film something like this we would start the camera here, film one trick and each time we’d have a stopping point we’d film another. This gives you a few opportunities to get it right so it’s a really quick cut film from this direction

filming from this direction

filming from this direction, and it gives you sort of some options and also a little bit of funkiness to what you’re doing. It also shows you something new if you’ve found something that hasn’t been done by you before then you can film it and kind of revisit it later it gives you some opportunity to see what you’ve already done in just seven days with these really simple exercises yay

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