Get Your Act Together 30 day challenge: Day 1 (Transcript)

It’s 2022 it’s time to Get Your Act Together.  

Building a routine is a bit daunting at first,  maybe if you’ve never done it before but it’s  such a good opportunity to use all these skills you’re developing all these skills you’ve had for  so long to take you out of this improvisation loop  and to really put them all together into something  that’s yours and that’s really exciting you can  build on and actually use and entertain people  get paid for whatever you want to do with it. 

So day one what are we going to do ?  Well we’re kind of going to do “nothing”,  which is, we’re not really going to do anything  with a prop, with a ball. We’re going think about  it for a second thinking about what expectations  you have for the next 30 days and what kind of  routine that you’re going to end up with, what  kind of routine do you want to put together,  and the secret is, that the routine you’re  going to put together is going to be yours  it’s not going to be something that we  dictate to you. Whether you want to do  a little show to impress friends or family,  or whether you’re putting together a statue  act that you want to take out on this street,  or a circle act something to put up on stage  in front of other jugglers. Whatever it might  be we’re going to give ideas about how to build that routine, how to build sequences, how to add  layers of kind of interesting body movement, of  atmosphere of context of emotion whatever it might  be to make that routine as the best it can be for  you. 

Don’t think by the end of this you’re going  to have something that’s perfect and fully formed, because that’s not what we deal with here. The  way to get something that’s perfect fully formed  is to take that routine, and run it and run it and  just perform in front of different people and see  what sticks and what doesn’t, and be prepared to  change it at a moment’s notice, but we’re going to  give you that seed and we’re going to see it  grow a little bit so that you have something that’s actually really tangible to work with.  

So that’s what’s coming up, but for today:

Today is just thinking about what shape this is going to  take for you personally, whether you want it to be  something that’s big and out there or what’s small  and compact. These are the things that you want to  be thinking about from the start: you want to be  thinking about what kind of audience do you want  this routine to be for? So that’s a complete  starting off point do you want this to be for  family and friends this can be very different to  if you wanted to be for, people passing by in the street for, a crowd of jugglers or a crowd of lay people who have never seen contact before. So take  a little second, it’s be good to have a notebook for all of this that’s coming up because you’re  going to be making lots of notes for yourself,  and just start writing that down. Thinking about what audiences you enjoy performing towards?  You would like to what’s in your comfort zone  and what’s just slightly outside of that comfort  zone that you’re prepared to push yourself towards  and then moving on from that thinking  just in general about the kind of  atmosphere that you want this to take ? Do you want it to be something very serious? Do you want it  to be a bit more lively? Just start building in your head, Just that the vague outline, I think.

This is this big bit of rock that we’re  just going to chisel all the way up you’re going  to end up with something finished by the end. But right now it can all just be as abstract  as you like. Even have a think about what props  you’re going gonna use? Are you gonna go acrylic? Are you gonna go for a stage ball? You’re  gonna go multiball like all of this just now doesn’t need to be set in stone  there needs to be anything fixed  just really thinking what possibilities do I  have what’s speaking to me right now? You can even be thinking about music at this point. 

Some people prefer starting with music and  building from there, some people prefer starting  with their routine finding music that fits. That really it’s up to you. We’re going to be  touching our music a lot more as we go on here, but it’s really a personal preference. So yeah  right now just really thinking about your audience  What kind of prop you’re going to use. 

And then  the other really important things for these 30  days is just make the most of the space that  you have right now clear your practice space, clear the corner where you are even if you’re  doing a seated routine or a kneeling routine clear everything from around you so you’ve got  space to work because that’s just going to make life so much easier for you to be focused on what  you’ve got so start with this as abstract as you like go as in depth as you like we’re going to be  building up from here and i’ll see you tomorrow

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