(“Hello, world”) #ballsout

Hello yous!

It’s ALIVE! It’s actually happening.

We’re so happy to see you all; faces and friends, familiar and new. Welcome to our new corner of the world.

We’ve posted loads about our definitions of contact juggling, but there’s a really important aspect we didn’t mention yet…community.

That’s what we are seeking to create and foster right here, with the front page, the forum, new content and the wiki. This is for all of us and hopefully by all of us.

Read on to find out what’s going on and for some serious #ballsout action

Right now Dawn and Briney (pictured above) have been throwing ideas at each other with Drew usually making sure those ideas work properly on your internet machines. But don’t go thinking that we want this to be the status quo. We want as many voices as possible contributing; whether it’s producing content such as videos, essays, tutorials, pictures, reviews etc. or taking part in community initiatives like the collaboration videos, games of follow the leader and HORSE, or even simply commenting and asking questions. Every voice is valid.

One of the most incredible things about contact juggling is how open and welcoming the community is, there is very little in the way of ego and knowledge is almost universally shared freely and openly. This is key to our aspirations for this site.

Our Mission Statement:

BallContact.org is a safe and accessible community dedicated to supporting and unifying all practitioners of contact juggling.

We’ve already got a load of exciting people involved and sending us incredible teaching material, topics that have never been covered outside of ‘meatspace’ workshops. We’re lining up more guests for our discussion chats and planing ways to get as many of you involved as possible.

Okay contactivists here is your first mission.

We need to get people here and we need to get them active. (actively participating in contact, contactivist, Briney is a little too pleased with himself about that one)

So to build up some more momentum we’re getting our #ballsout:

Here’s the oiginal from Sennyo and Brandon on facebook:

Last pic from BrianO (Not pictured)