Call Out to Collaborators!

Hello juggly people!
Possibly you watched the video we sent you. Probably you’re wondering what’s going on. Hopefully you’re wanting to get yourself involved.

This is our community call out! We’ve already started working out how we can bring our community closer together again and we definitely need your help to do it.

Our focus is on a new website:

We loved and still love, but for a whole load of reasons the momentum has fallen off that site despite numerous attempts to bring it back to life.

Facebook is great at spreading information outwards, but there is barely any organisation or preservation. The Facebook groups are numerous and diverse but insular, the width of information is there but not the depth.

Our plan to reconnect our community is to focus on making the hub and the nexus for all of you amazing people and a definitive resource for beginners.

We will have an active, blog style, front page which will focus on a constant, regular stream of new, quality content. This will provide the drive and discussion for our forum, which will act as a shared community space and an archive for our collective knowledge and work.

Right now we need movers and shakers and most importantly DOER’S

One of our main goals with this new website is to create new media content and to have conversations about contact juggling that will level up the community as a whole. We would also like to effectively archive our media in a way that is sure to be in the hands of contact jugglers themselves so we are sure not to lose our history.

We need:
People to participate in discussions
People with questions
People who like to write essays
People who like to make video tutorials
People who like to make any videos
People to start and lead a game (e.g. Follow the leader)
People to manage monthly competitions (30 day challenge, photo challenge)
People to use social media/mailing lists who can help spread the word
People who like to share their passions with others
People who like to encourage others
People with good photography skills
Designers with good taste
People who understand WordPress, Wikis or Forums (or are willing to learn)
People who are willing to moderate the forums

Our official launch date is March 20th and we want as much content ready to go as possible. On our side we’re filming, editing, writing and planning like crazy but we want more voices. Specifically your voices.

Any contribution that you feel you can make would be incredible, any tutorials or essays you’ve wanted to create, any projects for which you haven’t found the medium, even simple things like adding links to videos to spread the word of

We cannot state enough that this isn’t a vanity project for us, nor will we be making money off it. Our goals are to provide a home for the community.

Some food for thought:

Find your passion and share it