Get Your Act Together Day 5 (transcript)

Let’s build on those sequence ideas from yesterday. So, we had our habitual move and we had that ending in different places, and the different opportunities that we have out of that place. We’re literally going to do the same thing again, but starting from that new position. So if that’s my first starting position there I change it. I’ve got a new starting position here. Think about what opportunities I have out of this. Let’s roll up to that one. And now we’re starting to see the beginnings of the sequence. We have a movement that we can variate upon into our next part of the sequence there, and again, try different ones. If these don’t stick with the first one, you come up with a way to really play around a bit. Maybe I want [to start] from this position. I have a new starting position here. What do i want to do with that?

I want to find variations as well.

We want to play with these variations as well

and [here is] a new starting point

and here we have an entirely different type of sequence from that same starting point. 

So play around with it, try and come up with two or three different variations for your ending point here.

The start of your next move then, if you want to loop that again, you’ll see you’re even going to start getting more and more pieces of this puzzle fitting together. Again, this isn’t going to be the finished product but this is just showing you how to start building towards new sequences that break from an improvisational loop

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