Get Your Act Together Day 4 – The Loop (Transcript)

So we’d be thinking abstractly about where we want this to be going, what kind of atmosphere we want, what kind of space you want to use. We can get comfortable in that space, if you think about what prop we want to use, all that’s been quite out there, so let’s talk about something more concrete. 

Let’s think about some ideas of how we can start sequencing things. We’re all quite prone to getting into an improvisational loop that’s where you get comfortable with a few tricks that you always string together. I always do that no matter what I’m doing. So for this sequence we can try and break those loops with a few different ideas and a few different exercises that we can play with. 

For example, we have that habitual movement. This is actually the first thing I teach in workshops, which is why I’m using it here. And you’ll probably find as you’re doing that habitual movement that comfortable movement that you always tend to do in the same place they always seem to end up with the same start point and the same endpoint. So literally, what we’re going to do is just change that end point and be thinking about where we can end it so instead of ending out across to the sides like this I can try and bring it to here instead. So do it then stop. Then from this point here think about what happens next. Sure we can just keep cycling like we were before but think about what new opportunities we have from here we can play some I like these so instead of coming out to the sides and doing the place there. I have this nice place here and try some different variations of this try really using that space just like we did before coming down low, so i’m low now what can I do from here? I’m more limited but that just frees up different parts of the body to use and now I have a new starting point. Whatever I do next has to come out of here, so play with that. 

Stick with one move for now, that same habit will move and think of all the different places that you can end it, whether it’s coming up high, going down low, going behind the body. Whatever you want to do , just move it around and then once you’ve reached that new position what can you do from there what new opportunities do you have? We’re going to link this with more stuff later but this is breaking that improvisation loop and really trying some new ideas.