Tuesday Tutorial: Intro To Illusion Style


Today we introduce the first of our tutorial series!

Briney introduces the concept of illusion style dance in contact juggling. What does it mean and where can you go? Some basic ideas that are going to be elaborated upon in further videos.

If you have a concept you’d like to learn about or teach, please get in touch! We are hoping to make a huge amount of these videos and everyone’s input is welcome and needed.


  1. Hey, so I am basically just reposting the comment that I wrote on facebook (plus this bit), but I thought that that’s a good idea…?

    Anyway, really good video. You may not remember this but once, many moons ago, you described my contact juggling style as illusionary. I was quite surprised by this at the time, as I had never thought of it like that and because my contact juggling is definitely not in the isolation/wiggely vain. I’m not sure I really have a point, but if I do it is probably that even terms like “illusion style” can be interpreted quite widely.

  2. That’s kind of what I’m hoping to achieve here, a big breakthrough for me was realising that all of that learning that I’d done regarding isolations and dancey stuff could actually be poured straight back into rolling and multiball and that actually all the theory was basically the same. I’d love to help in pushing away the mindset that there are 3 types of contact (iso, rolling, multiball) and mostly things will stay in those boxes. From personal experience I’ve found that a bit of thinking about these illusion styles goes a long way in rolling and multiball as well.

    I feel your style pulls in lots of the technique and ethos from the dance knowledge you’ve acquired and yeah, I definitely think it should be considered illusionary. My belief is that illusion style is more than just learning the basic isos and then wiggling with them, I want to pursue the idea of it as a more holistic approach. Also not the only approach and there’s much to be said for really good logical, methodical thinking as well.

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