Tutorial: Introduction to Sleights with Steve Wilbury

We’re very proud to announce our first community contributed video, and thankfully we’ve avoid any awkward social niceties because it is genuinely brilliant.

The very lovely Steve Wilbury noticed our mountain top beacons were lit and sprung into action as every good New Zealand resident should. That’s right it’s a 15 year old Lord of the Rings/New Zealand reference, read on for more of the same…

RIsking the punitive wrath of a vengeful Magic Circle, Steve has provided us with a comprehensive introduction to incorporating sleight of hand, concealment and productions into your contact.

This is a fascinating area of contact, which hasn’t been explored too much on video so far, so we’re incredibly happy to get this out to you all.

Essential watching for anyone into illusion styles and adding extra layers to their multiball. A huge thank you to Steve for finding the time for this, go check him out right here: www.stevewilbury.co.nz

(disclaimer, he didn’t ask us to post that, but it’s almost the least we can do)

If you want to get involved as well, then you can follow Steve’s example. Make stuff, tell us you made it, we’ll post it and say nice things about you. Yay!

More to come. Very, very soon