Contact Juggling Glossary Project

The Ball Contact Glossary Project

Purpose: To break contact juggling down into tiny increments to help beginners and advanced jugglers to learn more effectively.

The Ask: film your personal version of a cj trick and add it to the community gallery on Instagram.
It is recommended, but not required, to use a cover thumbnail with the name of the technique to make searching easier.

We are using Instagrams tagging system to help people find moves. We always ad #cj before any hastags to clarify that it’s part of contact juggling (and not some other random thing called bodyrolling where you roll bodies).

We use tags like #cjbodyrolling and #cjisolation to denote the branch of contact that a trick belongs to.  ‘Family’ tags like #cjarmrolls and #cjbutterfly to create groupings of similar moves and finally specific trick tags like #cjchestroll #cjchestrollvariation #cjchestrolltobridge to make reference quick and easy.

IMPORTANT DETAIL! Tricks can have numerous names and family tags! This is a normal and good thing

Aim: We are creating an ever-expanding video database of contact juggling techniques, which is easy to navigate and reference.