Contact Juggling Collaboration 2017!

Contact Juggling Collaboration video 2016.

Hey everyone! the Contact Juggling Colloboration Video for 2016 is complete! YAY!!! What a priviledge it has been to put this together. You have all warmed my heart. 😀
Sorry to say, there’s a small catch.
Unfortunately, Youtube nailed me on CC, and it can’t be seen in 5 countries. 🙁 I apologize. The main version is now on Facebook instead. But you have choices!

– Turn up the video quality on this video to HD 720! it’s actually not bad if you choose this. Without it facebook compression is silly. TURN UP QUALITY.

– Download it directly and keep it forever for yourself!

– If you are not in Mexico, the USA, Australia, New Zealand or South Korea you can view this in HD on – Youtube here:

There is a version on Vimeo but it got a bit squished in compression.

THANKS ALL! I hope you like it.

Posted by Dawn Dreams Circus on Sunday, December 4, 2016

The community came out so strong this year! BOOM! Check out this massive array of talented contact jugglers!